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Marketing Is Life ~ The Inception


Marketing Is Life


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An Idea Is Born

For a long time now I’ve always thought of awesome meaningful quotes that pop into my head on a particular day, in a particular inspirational moment. The same thing happened to me this morning and for the first time, I decided to do something about it.

I love expressing how I feel about life, the world, people, animals and random ideologies. If you know me, you know it’s hard for me to stop talking when I’m talking about something passionately or even just in general.

I’ve always had this weird concept of collecting people. As long as I can remember, the rents kept reminding me that I can choose my friends, that I can hand select the people I want in my life. This heavily affected my outlook on life and my interactions with people. I started seeing people as collectables, much like Golem and the ring….. minus the mass creep factor. I promise.

Whenever I sit down for a solid reminiscing session, the first thing that I think of are the good times! Several memories of quality time spent with my friends pop up and I find myself speaking out loud, saying

“Life is good!”

Every time I’ve felt this way, I have a light bulb moment! Marketing is life! OMG. I know right. Just like we collect amazing people over time, businesses and brands need to do the same. I mean, all the successful brands have an absolutely loyal and caring community of amazing people. Think about your favourite brands and why you like them. Are you one of the amazing people that form a thriving brand community?

So I confidently ask all the businesses I work with and all the entrepreneurs I meet; if your business/brand was a person, what kind of friends would he/she have? What sort of community would it have? For the people who can’t answer that question, it’s time to sit down and figure it out!

So if you want to build a loyal and thriving customer community for your brand like Apple, Nike, Deus Ex Machina, Holden, Ford or Kanye West then remind yourself that…

The secret to an amazing brand is to collect amazing people along the way.

Amit Anil