Art is not a profitable profession!

Art Is Not A Profitable Profession!



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Creativity Takes Courage

Growing up as a creative person at heart, was lonely. Come to think of it, it still is!

For as long as I can remember people kept telling me that I need to stop dreaming and that my passion for art will always be a hobby, or even better, a waste of my time. “Grow Up!” They said. “Your drawings will never make you any money!” they said. “Living life as an artist is a life lived broke!” they said. A tad ironic and ignorant, as some of the most expensive things in this world are works of art. Sadly, they turned out to be the people closest to me…

My love for colours, design and expressing my creativity is the soul of my life. It affects how I think, how I see the world and more recently, my perception of how humans connect with each other.

Almost every day I think, If only someone encouraged me to pursue my creativity and harness it’s potential at a young age. I would be so much more of me today. Sigh. Then I think, everything happens for a reason and move on with my day. In the past couple years, I started noticing an increase in artists taking life into their own hands. Using their creativity as a vehicle for change and progress. Instantly, I became very intrigued and decided that I want to follow the same path. I started soaking in all the learning I possibly could. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, you name it!

From years of consuming all forms of content, I saw that there are three ways to making it as an artist.

  1. Find various ways to generate revenue from one piece of artwork.
  2. Be true to your style. Be you.
  3. Have a strong mindset; accept the unconventional lifestyle.

This morning I came across an article on that pretty much said the same exact thing. Which, quickly reassured my already strong belief in my own creativity and mindset. Here’s a quote and a video I use to rejuvenate my belief and confidence in me as an artist. Enjoy!

“Creativity takes courage!”

Henri Matisse